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Wailua Bay View Condominium Rentals, Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii

Wailua Bay View Condos are located in Kapaa, an affordable vacation rental
resort complex, set above Wailua Beach, along Kauai's east shore, the Coconut Coast.

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Third Floor:    
306 Wailua Bay View Condo # 306 VRBO #406531 Calendar
309 Wailua Bay View Condo # 309 VRBO #422623 Calendar
310 Wailua Bay View Condo # 310 VRBO # 746285 Calendar
312 Wailua Bay View Condo # 312 VRBO #691381 Calendar
302 Wailua Bay View Condo # 302 VRBO #4674324ha Calendar
Second Floor:    
202 Wailua Bay View Condo # 202 VRBO #494891 Calendar
Wailua Bay View Condo # 203 VRBO #680244 Calendar
Wailua Bay View Condo # 205 VRBO #152385 Calendar
208 Wailua Bay View Condo # 208 VRBO #629941 Calendar
209 Wailua Bay View Condo # 209 VRBO #344917 Calendar
214 Wailua Bay View Condo # 214 VRBO #425198 Calendar
First Floor:    
Wailua Bay View Condo #106 wbv106.com Calendar
109 Wailua Bay View Condo # 109 VRBO#624850 Calendar
111 Wailua Bay View Condo # 111 VRBO #391083
112 Wailua Bay View Condo # 112 VRBO #488412 Calendar
113 Wailua Bay View Condo # 113 Rent by Owner Coming

This list does not include those condos listed on VRBO that are actually managed by a rental agent, posing as an owner, or units managed by both owners and agencies.


More condos may be listed here in the future, so check back!

If you prefer to go through a rental agent to book a condo at Wailua Bay View,
or wish to contact an owner directly (bypassing vrbo - after checking calendar)
here is a list of ALL Wailua Bay View Condominium rentals:
Wailua Bay View Condominiums Available for Rent
(by Rental Agent and by Owner) updated December 2, 2017
This is the sheet kept in the WBV Office

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Each individual owner may have their own rental policies and procedures.
Most follow these guidelines:

Rental rate subject to state mandated vacation rental taxes of 13.42%

Maximum Occupancy 4 people. Some units limit guests to 2 people.

Check-in is usually after 3pm. Check-out is usually by 10am.

Most Wailua Bay View Condominium Rental Units are NON-SMOKING. Smoking must be limited to the Designated Smoking Area on the east side of the building. This means no smoking inside the rental units, on the lanai or in common areas, such as walkways, swimming pool and barbecue areas.

The interiors of the condo units are shoeless - please remove your shoes before entering the condo - not only is it the custom, a show of respect, but it also minimizes the noise transference to other units. Shoes on hard surface flooring is very noisy for neighbors, especially if you are in an upper floor unit. Mahalo!

The condo unit is cleaned upon arrival and upon departure. Guest is responsible for keeping the condo clean during residence. Garbage must be taken out daily, to avoid attracting pests. Dryer lint must be removed before each load of laundry. Nothing is to be hung on the lanai railings, or shaken off lanais to units below. Quiet hours are to be observed 10pm-8am. Please contact the owners directly for more information regarding the rental policy for individual units.

Don't feed the birds, chickens and feral cats! Mahalo! We do have a variety of lovely birds that visit Wailua Bay View. They feed on the insects and help to keep a natural balance. Visitors don't realize that by feeding the birds, it not only interrupts the balance, but they can become a nuisance and will continue to flock to the lanai, for several weeks after you leave, and leave unwanted droppings on the railings, and the railings of the units below. Lucky we don't have many visitors feeding the chickens, so we generally don't have a problem at Wailua Bay View. While they are cute in the day time, you may not think so when they are crowing at 4am, waking the entire building, haha! Admire the birds, but please don't feed them! Likewise, we don't encourage feeding feral cats on the island, as we don't want to encourage their population. Cats were introduced and do prey on the variety of indigenous and endangered birds.

Most visitors to Kauai appreciate the following information:

In case of fire or medical emergency, call 9-1-1. The address of Wailua Bay View Condominiums is 320 Papaloa Road. For non-emergency assistance, please call Police Dispatch at 241-1711. The phone number for Wilcox Hospital in Lihue is 808-245-1100 and is located south of Wailua Bay View, 3-3420 Kuhio Highway. Follow the H (Hospital) signs. The closest emergency treatment center is Mahelona Hospital 808-822-4961 up the hill on Kawaihau Road, at north end Kapa’a. Look for the hospital sign.

Beach Safety
Be mindful of the surf. Our shorelines face thousands of miles of open ocean. Northern winter storms and southern summer storms can bring us extremely dangerous surf conditions. NEVER turn your back on the ocean – summer or winter. Rogue waves can appear even in calm surf conditions. You can check ocean conditions at www.KauaiExplorer.com/oceanreport. There are lifeguards at Haena Beach Park, Hanalei Pavilion, Lydgate Park Beach, Poipu Beach Park, Salt Pond Beach and Kekaha Beach. For your family’s safety, we advise that you check with lifeguards before going into the ocean.

The island does experience flash flooding during periods of heavy rain. If you must drive in this kind of weather, drive with extreme caution. Severe weather could result in the temporary closing of the main road out of Hanalei. For the most up to the minute Traffic and Weather information, please call 808-241-1725. You can also visit http://www.prh.noaa.gov/hnl/ and click to the part of Kauai you plan to visit for the daily forecast.

On the first business day of each month at 11:45 am, our Civil Defense sirens are tested. However, if you hear these sirens at any other time, please tune to radio station KQNG (“KONG”) at AM 570 or FM 93.5 for real-time reports and instructions. Also, the front of the Kaua’i phone book has emergency, disaster, evacuation and shelter information.

Although we have very few occurences of theft on our premises, you can minimize the chances by following some common sense practices. Always lock the front door and sliding glass windows before leaving the unit or retiring for the evening. Keeping the bottom louvers closed on the jalousie windows is also a good idea. Use common sense by not leaving valuables in plain view through windows of cars or units.

Island Driving Etiquette
Please honor the posted speed limits, neither speeding nor driving too slowly. Frequently check your rear view mirror. If more than 4 or 5 cars are stacking up behind you, pull completely off to the side of the road and let them pass. When approaching the one-lane bridges, cross the bridges in groups of 5-7 cars at a time. A simple rule of thumb: Drain the lane, if you are one of 7 cars crossing, but if you arrive late – wait.

We hope you enjoy your stay on our beautiful island of Kauai!


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